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    HOME Come Funziona FEATURED Caso di successo CONTACT Managing the warehouse has never been this easy! How it works 01 FLEXIBLE Inventorify is an app that works with any mobile device (iOS or Android) and on any PC. This allows you to be anywhere while always having control over your warehouse. 02 SMART You won't have to remember to order a product anymore; Inventorify will notify you when a product is about to run out and will automatically send the order request to the supplier. 03 SIMPLE Inventorify excels on smartphones or tablets, allowing you to scan barcodes through the camera. Take photographs of products to always keep your warehouse updated. Come Funziona FEATURED Features Real-time warehouse management Works with iPhone/iPad and Android devices Desktop application Simplified system for loading and unloading items Automatic product procurement Notification of expiration for perishable products Stock shortage notification Import data from paper documents Integration with management solutions through API. Book a demo "Inventorify can transform the way you manage your warehouse, no matter which is your industry!" Caso di successo Business Case Business Need Manage drug and consumable stock within a medical outpatient clinic, to avoid the lack of drugs or essential products for the healthcare facility.Monitor the expiration date and batch of each item. Send notifications to management about any drugs nearing expiration. Manage the electromedical equipment inventory. Soluzione: Inventorify Inventorify has made it simple to manage drug and consumable stock by sending automatic orders to suppliers. It also provided a notification 60 days before the expiration of a drug. With Inventorify, it was possible to manage electromedical devices and their periodic maintenance. STAY IN TOUCH Inventorify is a Run2AI product CONTACT Contact US Send us a message to get more insights on Inventorify and to book a demo! I accept terms and conditions Privacy Policy Send Thank you for writing to us, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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